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Why Choose a PPC Agency?

Choosing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agency can be a very tricky process, especially since one search will return hundreds of various management companies conflicting contractual models and services.

Building a strong paid search strategy to help drive business forward and capitalise on growth to really push performance to the next level is becoming increasingly difficult in a competitive landscape.

In terms of revenue or leads. PPC can really push a company to new heights and it makes sense to invest into this form of marketing as there are ever increasing ways to acquire new and returning customers and constantly being at the front of their minds.

When choosing an agency, you need to consider a few key criteria, such as ensuring the right agency has the correct core values and expertise that gel well with your own business objectives that can really go hand in hand together.

You’ll also need to be on the lookout for any sales tactics that are looking to fool you into signing up without fully explaining what they offer or any of the contractual terms.

Here at Orris Digital, we don’t believe in hard selling or trying to pull a fast one to attain new business; we let our data and expertise do the talking for us. We want to ensure that any business that works with us knows exactly what we can offer them, but also that it’s the right move, the best move for them going forward also, which is why we’ve created this post to help anyone looking for a PPC agency.

Official Advertising Certifications & Accreditation

One of the first things when looking into a PPC company would be to see if they have any advertising certifications by Google, Facebook, Microsoft/Bing and Amazon.

Ultimately, they are not required but can be a good signal from the agency that they are forward thinking and pro-active to keeping up with education and can be a good signal they practice knowledge-improving endeavours.

These need to be retaken and updated yearly, and they can also be searched on the first-party websites. Be sure to look on their site for any badges of accreditation.

At Orris Digital we are a Certified Google Partner which means Google realises our expertise and skills, but each of our employees hold individual certifications in at least one of Google and Bing/Microsoft’s Search, Display and Shopping Advertising.

Level of Experience & Offering

Of course with any PPC agency the experience levels depend and the type of work would also vary, for example if they are more technical, or are they more data driven.

It’s highly beneficial to ask exactly how the PPC management would handle accounts so you can get a deeper understanding of how they work, how they come to terms with results and what they do to action and optimise the account.

Orris Digital likes to take a more data-driven approach as statistics do not lie. Everything we do revolves around data. We work to see what sells well and what doesn’t, and we manage the accounts accordingly to maximise potential sales and push products that have potential – all through the power of data.


This is a simple yet very important component when choosing a PPC agency, which is often overlooked. You really need to ask yourself how much contact their will be with the agency and the type of updates you can expect from them.

You need a high enough level that you know exactly what is going on and are not being left in the dark about what is happening within your account.

Orris Digital prides itself on strong communication terms. Ultimately with the account, it remains yours so you can always log in personally and check out our changes, but with any significant changes to the account, we contact you to give you the heads up. It’s also not a case of just relaying information, but we also tell you the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of our changes, so you also know what to expect, with full transparency


Similar to communication, a business should ideally get reports on their Paid Search accounts whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

At the same time, these reports need to ideally be tailored to the businesses marketing objectives, as there is no point in receiving a report that is not useful to the business in any way. A good Pay-Per-Click agency will align the business objectives to the reports to give the KPI’s that are required, and won’t just force any metric that looks good to beef up their own ego.

Orris Digital realises that the relationship between Orris and the client is key, and communication and reporting are two key elements where there is a lot of emphasis. Orris Digital has guru’s that tailor bespoke reports to the business with exactly everything they need, and we prefer to report weekly to give the business the best data week by week so everyone is always in the loop.

Some Red Flag Questions

  • Does the business have access to their advertising accounts where they can see exactly what is going on?
  • Did the agency approach with a sales pitch rather than a consultancy approach?
  • Does the agency focus away from the metrics the business requite and mention unimportant other metrics?
  • Does the agency understand the business objectives well?
  • Does the agency sound like it’s overpromising, and do they understand how they can reach your goals?

In Summary

There are so many options out there to choose an agency, which can make it difficult for a business to make the right choice.

Orris Digital is an honest agency and ultimately we want every business to make the choice right for them, whether that is or isn’t us.

We still wanted to highlight some of the key factors for choosing an agency so that a business can be more informed of some factors when in consideration .

We choose not to hard sell thus we don’t employ any sales people, just PPC experts, so if you did want to have a chat then feel free to contact us.

Ultimately, a company needs to ensure that the agency can be of benefit to them and doesn’t take advantage of the account. Communication needs to be respected with a focus on the business objectives, and not the agency objectives – but also ensuring that reporting is highly beneficial to the business.

If Orris Digital is not the choice for you, ensure that you choose a business like Orris – Honest, transparent and tailored with PPC expertise.

Luke has a thirst for industry knowledge and likes to share that with his clients. Despite being the youngest member of the team, his attitude and expertise should not be underestimated.

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