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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..


The songs are playing on the radio and films are beginning to pop up on TV. Like it or not, Christmas is already in the air and your customers (on the most part) are embracing it.

Survive the festive onslaught and get customers singing from your hymn sheet by tailoring your offering to the period ahead, it creates an online experience that’s relatable and you might just see performance outdo 2018.

Preparation is key

If you’re planning for your first festive period as a business or working in the PPC industry, one simple piece of advice will go a long way.

Make sure you are prepared in advance. This means deciding on your creative, offers or content a month early. The process of getting those ads up should also happen weeks before they are ready to go live.

Here are 5 other important steps to help you survive the next few weeks.

#1 Make Your Website Festive

Now we all have the odd scrooge in our office, I’m sure many of you can relate, but you’ll be missing a trick if you aren’t preparing seasonal copy and imagery on your website already.

Remember to keep it subtle and don’t let it distract users from your brand or offering.

Something as simple as some snow graphics can get people in the spirit and better prepared to purchase.

#2 Review Last Year

Before you start making plans for this year, it’s worth addressing what went well and what didn’t from the year before.

This will give you the platform to decide whether you use similar strategies or try a fresh approach.

#3 Deals & Promo

Everyone loves a Christmas bargain. Deals around Christmas are as important as ever with the growth of Black Friday in the weeks before.

It’s important that you don’t blow out completely at the end of November and reserve some of the action for the Christmas build up.

#4 Give Yourself Breathing Room

Avoid last minute panic by preparing your ad copy and creative ahead of time. This allows for issues to be resolved in time and you won’t end up spending the evening desperately trying to upload ads that had been decided on a month ago.

#5 Utilise Your Display and Remarketing

There’s never a better time to tap into the users you’ve tracked over the year and attempt to draw them back into your site.

They may have been waiting for Christmas as the opportunity to buy from you, a simple nudge wouldn’t hurt.

Bonus: Have Fun With It

We know the festive period can take its toll on advertisers, even those who have experienced it first hand many times. It’s too easy to get bogged down and can cause stress where there need not be any.

If you keep it fun and engaging, give the customer value for money then you’re halfway there. Here’s a picture of the Orris team dressed as elves, break-dancing in Santa’s grotto.

Tom has been working in Digital Marketing since leaving university in 2012. He has developed his skillset to include Google Ads and Social Ads and is now handling the reigns with Orris to give our clients the best possible service.

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