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Digital Readiness @ Google: Part 2

A Google Workshop

As we detailed in the first part of this update, we’re continuously working with our partners to improve our agency and the clients that we work for.

Here, Luke goes on to discuss the final parts of that workshop and how we can implement these learning’s.

Measurement & Attribution

This module by Google was rather short but enabled marketeers who hadn’t looked at marketing attribution before an opportunity to think about how they want to measure their results.

The six types of attribution are: first click, last click, time decay, linear, position-based and data driven.

Google also recommended moving away from the first two models, as due to the ever-evolving digital nature of the world today, there are many factors in consumers buying patterns, so to attribute this to just one variable at a time would not be true to today’s climate.

They recommend going for data driven when available because dynamic algorithms assign credits to each touch point based on fractional credit across converting and non-converting paths.

This is not always available however and does require at least 15,000 clicks on Search and 600 conversions on an action over a 30-day period.

Audience Strategies

The third module focused on audience targeting and the importance of building the right audience for your brand.

90% of users switch between devices and platforms to complete tasks, which means that users’ online journeys have grown more complex.

“Through signals, we get to know our users beyond their basic demographic details, understanding the deeper layers of who they are”

Google’s powerful machine learning technology analyses over 70 million signals within 100 milliseconds, which massively help within the Google auction.

It uses historical information which can help distinguish between interest and intention to buy.

Furthermore, it identifies potential customers through pattern recognition.

Google mentioned three pillars to aid within this strategy:

Expand: Reach new potential customers who you have never connected with before.

Identify: Get to know the audience and leverage it to better understanding the user intents, along with the type of audience who do actively engage with your products.

Re-engage: Deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. Ensure that you stay with interested parties at every moment.

This also dipped into re-marketing, where Google then explained how to set up re-marketing tags within Google Ads before moving on.

Web Performance

The final section was not about Google at all, but rather our websites. This section covered the importance of a fast and healthy mobile website as they are becoming ever important, especially since users attention spans are getting shorter.

Google suggests that 46% of all users are most dissatisfied with slow speeds when viewing pages on a mobile, and 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. The faster a mobile web page loads, the less likely a user is to bounce away from the site all together.

Masterfulmobile.withgoogle.com is a site that Google has set up which gives a plethora of information about the best setup process for mobile websites.

46% of users prefer to use their smartphone to complete the entire purchase process, so getting a strong mobile website is highly beneficial for businesses.

There are also many tools that help with identifying how good your website is on mobile, one test is a ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ which can be found here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

Closing Remarks

Google finally closed up with a quick summary of the five sectors that were explored during the day and finalised with networking where food and drinks were provided.

Overall, this was a very informative day and benefits Orris Digital not only with keeping up with the latest Google changes, but also provides tips and hints to help us benefit all of our clients moving forward.

Until next time!

Luke has a thirst for industry knowledge and likes to share that with his clients. Despite being the youngest member of the team, his attitude and expertise should not be underestimated.

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