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Passionate About Our Work

Orris Digital is a specialist Ecommerce Consulting and Marketing Agency, with experience in many sectors. As with most good things, Orris Digital was born out of demand – specifically, a demand by some online retailers for a forward thinking and innovative agency. An agency which prioritises best practice and success over profits.

PPC Experts

We're all certified Google Partners and have extensive industry knowledge

Tailored Account Management

We'll tailor our services around your business needs

No Nonsense

100% transparency is the only way we know how - just pure results.




With over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry, you could consider Heinz some what of a Paid Search maverick. Having already managed a successful agency, Heinz founded Orris Digital with the sole intention of offering his clients unparalleled service, combining his love of numbers and data with a non-compromising transparency.

Favourite Quote: “Grumble, grumble…”

Dream sport: A hybrid of golf and surfing. Gurfing, if you will.



Head of Operations

Tom's first digital marketing role was with Heinz 6 years ago. Since going on to build successful PPC teams elsewhere, the dream team is back. Tom claims to hold the record for holding a gym membership for the longest time without going, he won't tell us what it is though.

Favourite Superhero: Spiderpig

Best place you’ve travelled to: Belize



Digital Marketing Executive

The youngest member of the team but has youthful enthusiasm on his side. Having gained a masters degree 3 years ago - Luke set on a quest to master the Digital Marketing universe. Luke wished he had studied in America to pursue his dream of being an NFL player, but for a man that's afraid of table legs (yes, you read that right), it probably did him a favour.

Favourite snack: Twinkies

Table Tennis nickname: Flukey Lukey

The Orris Skills Chart

You should always stick to what you know. If you need expert Paid Search marketing that could transform your business, give us a call. If you need the Mona Lisa painted whilst performing risky circus moves, we'll happily refer you to someone we know.

Paid Search Marketeers 0
Table Tennis Players 0
Renaissance Artists 0
Chainsaw Jugglers 0

Networking and Relationships

It’s important for us and our clients that we keep ahead of the curve. We create long-lasting relations with suppliers to ensure we’re part of exciting upcoming tools and features.

Here’s Tom at Google HQ – Bonus points if you can spot him.

Everyone at Orris is certified in Google Ads, Bing Ads and/or Adroll remarketing.

It’s imperative that we can assure our clients they can trust the agency handling their money.

We also offer support and knowledge of difficult subjects so that it is set out in easy to understand terms, whether through our weekly reporting or the more detailed analysis.

Orris Digital Golf Days

We play golf sometimes. Hitting a small ball furiously across a large field can be therapeutic. Heinz is currently the Orris Golf Champ, whilst Tom is making a late comeback to take the crown – Luke is great at carrying the bags.

Pretending to let our clients win is a particular favourite pastime of ours..