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Case Study | Mowers-online.co.uk


Mowers-Online.co.uk has huge seasonality which is heavily dependant on the weather. A large proportion of their sales are driven between March and July, but their website still needs to be able to pay its way in the winter months. This requires a data heavy approach.

Mowers-Online joined Orris Digital in September 2017. It’s a business very heavily influenced by seasonality, with the lawnmower season picking up in early spring and slowing down in mid-summer. For Mowers-Online, there had always been two distinct problems in Paid Search:

  • How to maintain profitable campaigns in the off-season
  • How to manage in a very competitive seasonally based market

The first problem stems from the fact that the business’ name showcases it as a lawnmower specialist, but its autumn and winter months’ sales should be dominated by other garden equipment, the challenge essentially being to present potential customers with the wider variety of products on offer as opposed to just lawnmowers. The solution was to weight categories which were more autumn and winter orientated during these months while optimising extensively to reduce wasted budget in order to maintain our target ROI. The result was that we maintained a solid performance through the winter months with an acceptable ROI:

The ROIs Orris Digital achieved were in excess of the previous years with only 4 out of 19 months dropping below target compared to 4 out of the 12 months before Orris Digital managed the account. The overall Average ROI has also increased by 16 percentage points – and this in the face of severe snow in February and March 2018 as well as the hottest summer on record in 2018.

By analysing performance data against temperature data and focusing on popular brands along with Shopping Feed optimisation Orris Digital managed to plan better for severe weather and take advantage of fair weather in a period which has been very difficult for garden machinery retailers.

Mowers-Online ROI Chart

AOV +49.2%

Revenue +22.7%

Visiblity +26.8%

The result of Orris Digital’s work is that Average Order Values have increased by 49.2%, Revenue has increased by 22.7% and campaign visibility has increased by 26.8%.

Driving more visibility, higher value sales and navigating a constantly changing environment profitably.

The methodology that we’ve applied has been relatively simple. We keep a very close relationship with Mowers-Online.co.uk and use their product knowledge to aid our optimisation processes. We communicate regularly with Mowers Online to ensure they’re aware of our strategy and approach, and by providing them with external data we drive decisions together to stay ahead of competitors.

Weekly Weather Data
Orris has used external data sources to help drive efficiencies and improvements in what has been a very challenging season for all garden machinery retailers...

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